We wanted to make the 'real' sake.

"uka" - the crystal of drops

The miracle was born from the waters of Mito City, from which we combine yeast, the virtues of passion, and our intense hands-on labor.

The "Shizuku-dropping" method

The dew drops are then carefully & meticulously collected like gifts from the earth’s gravity, called the “Shizuku-otoshi” method.
This sake, "uka (pronounced oo-ka)," is gently crafted using the unique “Shizuku-otoshi” method, while other sake utilizes machine pressing.
Our goal is to achieve “the best with zero impurities.”

Only after two months of manual labor do we begin to press the sake into small tanks.
Our “Shizuku-otoshi” method has reduced 50% of the original volume. These drops will become a truly clear sake with a concentrated flavor. We will only make available to purchase to the public 1000 bottles for 2023.

Flavor and Aroma
- the moment of clarity

We suggest experiencing the enjoyment of "uka" in a wine glass to feel the aroma changing with the temperature. The fragrance of apples and pears springs forth as the cork opens, and your palette is enraptured with a delicate silky taste.


¥33,000(tax included)
Meirishurui Inc.
「100% Yamada Nishiki Graded Rice from Hyogo,Japan」
alcohol content
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This is an alcoholic beverage. Drinking alcohol under 20 years of age is prohibited by law.
  • The passion
    of the sake brewer

  • Rice and polishing

  • Deep groundwater
    from Mito

  • The 'Gold-Prize
    Winning' yeast

  • How to enjoy

  • Bottle and
    wooden box




From the brewery

Our goal is to make the best sake, free of impurities, to elevate sake and place it amongst world-class categories comparable to wine and champagne.
It is with this passion that the "uka" project began.

Among the 600 varieties of sake brewed by Meiri Sake Brewery, we chose the brewing method that we thought tasted the best.
The method is rather difficult to mass-produce; thus, the maximum number of bottles we make available is around 20. Until then, we only used this process for sake competitions.
Choosing authenticity rather than quantity, we continued our research to improve the technique of the "Shizuku-shibori" method.

We decided to construct original tanks and make cloth for the new process.
This method demands only top-quality rice and is then brewed for over two months.
Allowing the drops of sake to fall like rain, so when we discovered this new approach, we named it the "Shizuku-otoshi," meaning "dropping the drops of sake" in Japanese.

The final process of "Shizuku-otoshi" reduces the product to less than half its original volume, and only then are the lots with beautiful aroma and flavor bottled as "uka."

We hope that our sake, filled with the history, technology, and passion of Meiri Sake Brewery since the Edo period, will accompany you in your special moments.

Takahiro Kato, Meiri Sake Brewery Co.

careful selection of sake rice

Only Yamada-Nishiki, the finest sake rice from Hyogo Prefecture, is used for "uka." This rice is then firmly polished to bring out the flavor of sake rice.
The careful selection of sake rice and the attention to detail in the polishing process creates the unmistakable taste of the sake, "uka."

from the depths of "Country of Water"

The name of Mito, Ibaraki Prefecture, is derived from "The entrance and exit of water," a plateau surrounded by two rivers and a lake.

Around 1855, the founder of Meiri Sake Brewery (then known as Kato Sake Brewery) wandered around the country in search of the place to brew the best sake.

The sake "uka" is brewed using deep groundwater 35 meters ( 115 feet ) below the ground, originating from the Naka River. It is a medium-hard water that produces a soft and delicate taste.

The founder wished to make the best sake in this area where the best water springs. The desire of the first generation is now passed down to "uka."

"M310," the 'gold medal-winning yeast'

The yeast used for "uka" is called the "M310," developed and cultivated by Meiri Sake Brewery.
There are only a few breweries in Japan that produce their original yeast.

Since then, M310 has been used by famous sake breweries throughout Japan, primarily for high-end sake, also known as the 'gold medal-winning yeast,'
it has been the key ingredient in helping sake brands to win gold medals in contests.

Delightful experience with a wine glass

We desire to bring you the fresh taste of "uka," so we store the bottles in our specially constructed sub-zero refrigerators and transport them in low-temperature zones.

As soon as receiving "uka," please remove it from the wooden box and store it in your refrigerator.
Please avoid transporting at room temperature as much as possible.
We recommend enjoying the aroma in a wine glass to appreciate it best.

The bottle and the wooden box

The bottle and the wooden box - in the form of a drop
The skilled "Sakai Glass" artisans wind up the scorching hot glass material in a furnace at 1,200 degrees Celsius ( 2,192 degrees Fahrenheit ) and craft each bottle individually.
This handmade glass emphasizes transparency and texture.

The bottle of "uka" represents a drop.
Wooden box expressing the blessings of nature
The natural wooden box represents the "Shizuku-dropping" method, which shows the warmth of nature and hand craftsmanship.

We carefully select Japanese cedar wood, each handmade to convey the warmth and feel of the wood. The grain of the wood differs slightly in color, so no two are alike.